12 Sep 2012


Finally, I have succumbed.................with a view to getting known more....I hope!


11 Sep 2012

Bag commission for my Aunt...

I was commisoned to make a bag for my Aunt; for my cousins wedding coming up in october.  It is a hand painted pure silk bag, with a pure silk lining.

I have made a felt lining inside, so that the bag keeps its shape.  To finish I have added a button, covered in the same silk as the bag, and a machined loop. 

A wrist strap, made from tweed and velvet has been added, so that my aunt has the option of using that too; whilst at the wedding.

I have decorated the bag with subtle gathers on the flap; five in total.

I am rather pleased with the result...........here are some images of the piece!

9 Sep 2012

*NEW* Hand Dyed Silk Scarves available to buy online.........

A new selection of hand painted silk scarves and nuno silk scarves available to buy online, in my Etsy shop.........  http://www.etsy.com/shop/FeltishByAilish

I had nothing on for a while, but am now in the process of making new stock and selling online.....

Heres images of the six new scarves I have for sale on Etsy...............

All individually hand designed and made by me!

8 Sep 2012


I realised I have never published where you can actually view my work.  So here is a list of where currently exhibitt and sell my work.................

So if you are ever in any of these places, pop in and have a browse!


My hand dyed and felted bags.............

 Here are a few examples of my work, this time bags...........I create many various styles and sizes; but here are a few!

Below, as you can see, bags have various colour themes etc, the one to the left has a handle, to make it easy to carry; whilst the one to the right is a tote, hand bag.

The wools for each bag are first dyed to my colour choice.  Then each bag is made using a seamless technique.  I use a mold to "felt" the bag, so that a strong bag is made, without any seams! 
Details are then added, such as hand felted flowers, a button fastening, or simply a handle, depending on the look I want to create!

 Below are a couple of images of my bags being presented in.....'The Craftsmen Upstairs' Gallery, in Melmerby... http://www.village-bakery.com

My bags have also featured on a catwalk a few years ago in Durham......

To find out more, just contact me!
This can be done through my blog here, email at flounderingfish@googlemail.com, or phone: 07943803849

7 Sep 2012

Nuno felted scarves......

These scarves have been made by myself....I first hand dye the silk, and then felt in wools and silk fibres.  I've included an imageofme wearing one, and another of the close up design, so you can see what it is like.
Many patterns and designs can be created......just ask if you have any questions!