26 Nov 2012

The Harrogate Knit and Stitch show.......I am published!

I made my way to the embroiderers guild stand at the Harrogate show...to see if the Issue of 'Stitch!' magazine that I am featured in was out...and it was!  Very exciting stuff!

So heres a very emotional me, clutching the magazine.....

And the photos below of mum and I, and Julia Triston who I trained with at Fowlers Yard Durham.

A very proud day!

The rest of the show also brilliant; I was there from thursday until saturday night.


21 Nov 2012

And a French scene of a Florists....hand embroidery...in progress

Another example of work in progress.  I like this piece, as its somthing thats easy to take everywhere (and I do, with the best of intentions)! 

This piece was made by first space dying some pure cotton material, and then free hand stitching ontop (I refused to actually draw anything onto the fabric first) so any lines that look a little leaning tower of Pisa (ish) are pure part of the art...ok?!

Anyway, heres the work in progress....and the watercolour painting (which inspired me to stitch this) that I produced whist sitting on a wet step; in the pouring rain; on a wet St Louis isle in Paris (The island slap bang in the middle of Paris..famous for it's ice cream(which I was also eating at the time))

When I do get these "Work in Progress" pieces finished, I must upload them, so results are seen too.

With a feather in her hat..........

I have decided to try and add a few things to my blog that are work in progress pieces, rather than just finished pieces.

That way I can show how I really work...........

I decided for the Knitting and Stitching show, I wanted to add a feather to a hand felted hat I designed and made.............  Heres the hat, with me wearing it.  And the feather, done with free machine embroidery...a work in progress!

So tonights job, before leaving for Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show (Nov 2012) first thing in the morning.....you know what my job is...sew the feather to the hat...with pearls added?

We shall see.

The torn umbrella girl - Free hand machine embroidery

One of my recent Free Hand Machine Embroidery pieces.

Based on a poem I wrote, which turned into a watercolour painting, which turned into a large textile piece, which also turned into a Torn Umbrella Girl doll...and then this....a machine emboidery piece, based on her face!

Think the poem may have had a tad of an effect on me....

Anyway, here she is.  I first hand paint-dyed pure cotton, and then used this as a basis on which to stitch.  I based her face on the watercolour, (as seen).

I then worked on the piece after machine emboidering it, using hand stitching and beading to finish her.

I added more glittery threads to portray glints of colour in her hair.

I decided at this time not to show her with a hat...I wanted to show off her ginger red pink orange hair.....

My new doll...21.11.12

So...heres my newest addition to my girls...a bride doll.

I am not going to say much about her, as she was made with a competition in mind, thus I dont want to break any rules! 

Anyway, she is made from paper, cloth, wool, silk and a 'Laduree' round box.

Its funny, some images of her make me laugh....!

Anyway, here she is revealed:

14 Nov 2012

New workshops for next year

Early next year I will be teaching workshops at the Mushroom works gallery in ouseburn Newcastle upon Tyne......would love to see you there!

Links to their website and how to book below...