14 Dec 2013

Shields Gazette - Monday December 9th 2013 'In Dreams' Exhibition article

Rather proud to be part of this...here is a photograph of the article in the paper.

There is also a video and article online on the papers website.

As you can see, a few images of me and my work are printed.

Customs House...Go and have a look at the 'In Dreams' exhibition! Some samples of my work.....

Have a look at the new exhibition at The Customs House, really worth a viewing...

My work is displayed there; along with a few other artists........

Here's a few images...taken just before and on opening night; 30th November 2013

Views of only my own work.

Second image down, is of my grandma, next to the doll in the cabinet that I made, inspired by her.

Personal Work - Drawing to Stitch.......Contented Faces

Thought I would add a little on my current work.

Starting to deal with personal photograph's I have taken, and drawing my version.  This is then turned into a stitch piece.

Shown below; from drawing to machined stitch piece......

This piece was sewn while on the Artist's in Action stand at Harrogate last month.....

 It was based on a photograph, taken after a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian in Edinburgh....thus the name:  Contented Faces

The middle photograph is the stitch piece.
Simply done using the Free Machine Foot on my Sewing Machine.

Customs House Workshop - South Shields - 14th December 2013

Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop at the Customs House today, I think everyone went away happy with their results!

It was felt bag making today, using my hand dyed fiber's, the class made their own beautiful creations.  I got a few images, but if anyone wants to send me more of their completed bags, just email me!

Here are a few photos..........

More workshops are coming up, led by me in January and February at the Customs House, so get in touch via their website, phone number or contact me if you would like to find out more.

10 Dec 2013

Teaching at this years Harrogate Kntting and Stitching Show...

Thank you again to everyone who came along and did a workshop with me...I hope you are all pleased with your results!

Here's a few images..........

I'm in the Sheilds Gazette Yesturday....and on their website!

Here's the link...don't think it will be there forever, so see what you think....http://www.shieldsgazette.com/what-s-on/video-artwork-is-stuff-dreams-are-made-of-1-6304708

26 Nov 2013



Hi there,

Just a reminder to everyone that I have an exhibition of my work, all for sale with all money going to Macmillan. It is part of the 'In Dreams' exhibition at the Customs House, South shields, in the North East of England. It runs from 30th November - 31st January 2014. I would appreciate everyone's support in promoting my work, as I am desperate to raise as much money as I can. There will be leaflets at the exhibition, stating that my work is all for sale (each piece with a separate price tag) for Macmillan. My email address will be on and phone number. All work purchased will be with collection at the end of the exhibition.

One of my pieces that you will see at the exhibition, is actually an embroidered Post Surgery Bra, from Marks and Spencer's.

All of my work is based on my own poetry and drawings and has then been converted into stitch pieces.

My mum had Breast Cancer a few years ago and a recurrence. She is fine now and I am ever thankful to have her, so this is my thank you to Macmillan who put so much care into the awful process that is having cancer.

Please help me get my work sold, by sharing this message with as many people as possible.

Thank You


I will try and post a price list on here too.

Artist's in Action stand.....more images

To give you a feel of what the whole area was like, here's a few more images.

The place got rather busy, so thank you to everyone who made the effort to come along.

Many meetings with new and old friends, including bumping into a few who have come on my workshops recently, held at The Customs House in South shields and a lady who came on one of my workshops in London, at The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show; March this year!

Great to get feedback and get the chance to chat to so many.....I am well talked out!

Post K n S show 2013 Harrogate

A great week at The Knitting and Stitching show, Harrogate. What a mad busy time. Photos to follow. Thanks to Art Van Go for having me as an Artist in Action; such fun ! Also thanks to everyone who came to say hello and also came on one of my workshops.
Next up The Customs House opening night this Friday, 29th..." Dreams" exhibition. Come see the exhibition, running from 30th of November - 31st January 2014. Will blog more on that as and when I can. X

Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show - Art Van Go Artist's in Action Stand.Thursday....

Some images of the first day of The Knitting and Stitching Show, this was the Thursday the first day.  Brilliant support from all and lovely comments received.

With the lovely Julia Triston - Who taught me to stitch in the first place!  And other views of my Artist's in Action stand.

Views of my sewing machine show my WIP piece for The Customs House exhibition I am part of; 'In Dreams'; which opens officially on the 30th of November, that's this week!

Bottom image of my mum and I (my biggest fan ;) )

20 Nov 2013

Harrogate knitting and stitching show 2013...tommorow!

in Harrogate now....all begins tommorow! Com and see me tommorow either on Art Van Go's Artist in Action stand, i will be on all day in between teaching workshops. If u fancy learning how to stich a birdie, book in at the learning curve at 3.30pm. Or before that make a felt ball necklace at 11.45am. Also on artist in action stand Friday and Sunday afternoons. I will have various bits for sale too! See you there. X

25 Oct 2013

Customs House Felt Bag making WORKSHOP - 14th December 2013 - LIMITED PLACES

Another chance to make your very own hand felted bag..........!

SATURDAY 14th DECEMBER 2013 - 10am - 3pm

Here's the link for more info:


Be proud and use as your own, or give as a special gift.

Examples below of the types you can make:


BOOK NOW, to reserve your place, either through the customs house website or phoning them direct on:  0191 454 1234

Dreams Exhibition.....the latest..25 Oct 13

Getting nearer and nearer to finishing the pieces for the exhibition.........lots to do and sort...but I think I have already mentioned, for the Exhibition I will be showing three main pieces, as well as my dolls and back up work such as never before seen Watercolour paintings, wall mounted Textile art and back up sketchbooks.

Just not long finished Part 3 - Seen partially here:

I don't want to let too much go...so just sneaky peeks at the moment.

Please spread the word as much as possible, as all my pieces will be for sale will all money going to Macmillan Cancer Care.


18 Sep 2013


Without giving too much away, part of my work for the 'Dreams' exhibition at The Customs House, opening in November; will hold a personal theme and because of this, parts of my work for the exhibition will be for sale, with collection being after the exhibition has ended in January.

The money raised from the sale of the parts of my work that are specified as for sale, will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

I will be supplying more on this as my work for the exhibition continues to progress.

The actual exhibition will open to the public on the 30th of November 2013

I would appreciate any interest in this and who ever is willing, to spread the word on this, so there is a maximum chance of my work selling and the money going to such a worthy charity.

Many Thanks


New watercolours from Lake District Holiday, September 2013

Here are four watercolour's, painted on a lovely hot day at Brockhole Visitor Centre in the Lake District..........

They may be used as inspiration for stitch, as soon as I get time!

15 Aug 2013

Preview of upcoming exhibition...Dreams. Part 1

Here is a sneak peak of one of the pieces I am doing for my space in the exhibition at The Customs House, in South Shields.  This will be a wall mounted piece.

Only parts of it are seen here, as I do not want to give it all away!

All hand dyed and hand sewn, no machine work involved.

14 Aug 2013

Shelter from the rain.....A new pure stitch piece.

This stitch piece, was done on pure cotton canvas, with black thread.
I free machine embroidered the piece, using my sewing machine.
I like to base my work on poems and illustrations that I have worked out myself and then use these as a basis to stitch........
The piece was based on a poem that I wrote and a watercolor piece,  which I have pictured first.  The below stitch outcome has been designed through inspiration through the poem (as written below) and watercolours.....

The Torn Umbrella


She stood,

Uncontrollably sombre,

Staring at the grey forlorn sky,

It seems to slowly engulf her,

Tainting her mood with its own.


She didn’t realise how long she had been

Standing there,

It had seemed like seconds,

But her feet were sore.


A storm has come,

Unable to move,

A brief blank expression

Frames her face,

Time had worn down,

Her former grace.


Standing uncovered,

The storm slowly evolving above,

Detains her mind,

Slowly seeping away,

The thoughts behind,

Carrying her away.


Quick enough to stay,

She plays her last card,

The plastic umbrella that has

Become her guard.


Someone is near,

Yet she does not hear,

They stand close,

Staring at her fragile existence,

Reaching up to her umbrella,

Gently tearing particles

From its frame,

Helping the storm to gain.


Both stay in a stance,

But she does not like this unemployed


Fending for herself,

She lays a hand

On the frames shoulder,

Making clear her distant view,

Never to ensue.


The person remains in silence,

Holing onto possibilities,

A determined character,

Willing to wait.

A tree stands near,

Time twisted all over its chest,

Even leading up to its arms,

These have bred to become many.


She stares at the twisted branches

 Of time,

Seeing the contradictions they behold,


She must though make a choice,

To let in,

Or let go,

She must know.


Her skeletons frame wears thin,

A quick decision must commence,


No protection is best,

She gets so wet,

The clouds anger sustaining,

This watery flow,

It feels so good,

A setting free,

Now a victim of what might



Time is all she needs to repair,

The umbrella must be torn,

No shelter for protection,

From the hurtful sentiments of rain.

Only then will she learn to trust,

What she loves and must.


No clouds or storms will envelop her,

No umbrellas to hide her

From the rain.

Only a new jacket,

 With the option of a hood;

This way she can still see

What is good,

But is never far from the protection,

And the affection she needs.


With this option of a hood,

Yet this time a vague uncertainty,

And a reluctance for it to be used.

Never again will a plastic protection

Be abused.

The form still beside her….

Yes sadness could grow,

Yet happiness may also sow.