23 Jan 2013

Fear of the Unknown - Machine Embroidered Textile Piece

I have had reason the last few days, to browse through some of my past work and came across this piece; that I really do like.  I submitted it for one of the Course Units for my City and Guilds Level 3 in textiles, that I completed at Fowlers Yard, in County Durham, UK.

The piece was based on the idea, that we all may have things we are scared or nervous of in life, and sometimes it is as if we are peeping through key holes, looking but not daring to open the door.

The piece is mounted on gold and dark green card.

I used various layers of Silk Dupion, to create depth.  I used my sewing machine to draw the shapes I wanted, such as the key hole idea.  I then used sharp scissors to show the technique of cut away applique; to give it more of a 3D feel.

You can also see the technique of transferring text onto fabric here.

In the main, this embroidery was done will a 'free machine foot' on my sewing machine.  I use this foot all, the time, as most of my work is more "drawn" or "sketched" in style, rather than straight lines!

How our sketches can inspire us to stitch.....

I was looking at some past sketchbooks today, and thought it would be nice to create a post on the actual designing; sketching; planning that goes into making embroidered pieces.  As all textile artists will agree with, much goes on before we see the finished piece.

From sketch to stitch...heres just one small example:

Below you see a small collection of quick watercolour sketches, with a photograph of some flowers in a local park....

These images and the memories you have of them, can then be translated into stitch!

In this case, I used some cotton I had hand dyed as a base to stitch on.  I used various stitches; such as long stitch, fly stitch, and french knots to create a "flower garden" scene.

I then used this embroidery by covering a button with it.

Thus truly from Sketch to Stitch!

16 Jan 2013

Galleries where you can view my work....The Customs House, South Shields

A gorgeous place, set by the sea.

The building not only holds several gallery spaces, but also a cinema and large theatre, even a cafe and resteraunt!

So get yourself down there and have a look!!

My work is currenly exhibiting in glass cases, showing off a sewlction of my bags, brooches, necklaces.the list goes on!

Heres a link to their website.....


And also here are some images of my work there, and the gallery space....

As you can see from this last photo, I am also doing a new range of "Birdie" brooches......(back of photograph)

Go and have a browse!

15 Jan 2013

The Spring Knitting and Stitching show....March 14th and 15th 2013

I am teaching at the Spring Knitting and Stitching show, coming up in March this year.  14th to the 17th.....2013

I will be teaching three different workshops, seen below, on the thursday and friday (the 14th and 15th)

  • Stitch a Birdie Mobile
  • Machine Sew a Fabric Heart
  • Hand Felt a Ball Necklace

All details and how to book, will be on this website soon:


Have a look, and if you are coming to the show, why don't you book?!

It is at Olympia in London.........

Look forward to seeing you there!

1 Jan 2013

Workshop 29th December 2012...the results!

Workshop 29th Dec..............2012...last one this year!

Brilliant results once again!

Two students, producing such varied results.

One came up with an unusual flower idea, with a special spakley bit that dangles!

Another came up with the idea of a Buckle shape, as she had a coat in mind that she wanted to attatch the brooch to.

I think its a good idea when students have an idea that they want to design and acomplish in mind...that way they come up with somthing they really want out of the class!

See the results below...............