14 Dec 2013

Shields Gazette - Monday December 9th 2013 'In Dreams' Exhibition article

Rather proud to be part of this...here is a photograph of the article in the paper.

There is also a video and article online on the papers website.

As you can see, a few images of me and my work are printed.

Customs House...Go and have a look at the 'In Dreams' exhibition! Some samples of my work.....

Have a look at the new exhibition at The Customs House, really worth a viewing...

My work is displayed there; along with a few other artists........

Here's a few images...taken just before and on opening night; 30th November 2013

Views of only my own work.

Second image down, is of my grandma, next to the doll in the cabinet that I made, inspired by her.

Personal Work - Drawing to Stitch.......Contented Faces

Thought I would add a little on my current work.

Starting to deal with personal photograph's I have taken, and drawing my version.  This is then turned into a stitch piece.

Shown below; from drawing to machined stitch piece......

This piece was sewn while on the Artist's in Action stand at Harrogate last month.....

 It was based on a photograph, taken after a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian in Edinburgh....thus the name:  Contented Faces

The middle photograph is the stitch piece.
Simply done using the Free Machine Foot on my Sewing Machine.

Customs House Workshop - South Shields - 14th December 2013

Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop at the Customs House today, I think everyone went away happy with their results!

It was felt bag making today, using my hand dyed fiber's, the class made their own beautiful creations.  I got a few images, but if anyone wants to send me more of their completed bags, just email me!

Here are a few photos..........

More workshops are coming up, led by me in January and February at the Customs House, so get in touch via their website, phone number or contact me if you would like to find out more.

10 Dec 2013

Teaching at this years Harrogate Kntting and Stitching Show...

Thank you again to everyone who came along and did a workshop with me...I hope you are all pleased with your results!

Here's a few images..........

I'm in the Sheilds Gazette Yesturday....and on their website!

Here's the link...don't think it will be there forever, so see what you think....http://www.shieldsgazette.com/what-s-on/video-artwork-is-stuff-dreams-are-made-of-1-6304708