29 Dec 2012

New Workshop.........Stitch a felt mobile cover!

Just made myself a mobile phone cover out of my hand dyed felt....intend to teach this as a workshop coming soon............

25 Dec 2012

My teaching room...........

At the moment I am converting the dining room in my house, in orderto have it fully set up to teach in.

Thought I would upload some images of the space.....

This new cabnet (above and below) now holds all my fabrics...

One off Tweed patchwork scarf....

I wanted to create a gift for my dad for my parents wedding anniversary. 

So a scarf came to mind!

He loves wool and tweed, so I felt this would be an ideal medium to use.  Its masculine and yet can still be styled to be creative.

I chose to make the scarf two sided to give it a thick feel. 

On one side I decided to use one fabric; for this I chose a lovely mustard brown, lighter weight wool fabric.  (That I had bought years ago , with the desire to make a dress for myself...yet it never happened..to thought it could be put to good use in another way!)

Then for the other side, I chose to create a patchwork look; cutting out squares of various tweed fabrics, some bought a while ago...just waiting for me to use them...whilst others were bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate this year........for this purpose!

I wanted to make the scarf really special, so have made a hexagon patchwork piece, in three parts on one end, to finish the look.

Overall I am very happy with the result!

Here below are some photos of the results.............

One off silk velvet scarf...made as a gift.

After making one of these for myself, my mum requested one as an wedding anniversary gift this year.  So here it is!

I first cut out a piece of undyed silk velvet, then hand dyed this; painting the dyes on to get the effect I desired.

Then I chose some vintage Liberty Print fabric that I had stored away, and stitched these together, to make a two sided scarf.

I wanted to add a bit of detail, so made a heart out of patchwork.

As seen, I have published quite a few images; as this is a more one off piece I wanted to portray it well.

Close ups have been included to show the patchwork design etc.