8 Sep 2012

My hand dyed and felted bags.............

 Here are a few examples of my work, this time bags...........I create many various styles and sizes; but here are a few!

Below, as you can see, bags have various colour themes etc, the one to the left has a handle, to make it easy to carry; whilst the one to the right is a tote, hand bag.

The wools for each bag are first dyed to my colour choice.  Then each bag is made using a seamless technique.  I use a mold to "felt" the bag, so that a strong bag is made, without any seams! 
Details are then added, such as hand felted flowers, a button fastening, or simply a handle, depending on the look I want to create!

 Below are a couple of images of my bags being presented in.....'The Craftsmen Upstairs' Gallery, in Melmerby... http://www.village-bakery.com

My bags have also featured on a catwalk a few years ago in Durham......

To find out more, just contact me!
This can be done through my blog here, email at flounderingfish@googlemail.com, or phone: 07943803849

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