1 Mar 2013

Under Two weeks Untill The SKSS......PREVIEW

Well, it is now under two weeks till the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show happens in London!

As I have previously blogged; I will be teaching three different workshops each day on the Thursday and Friday.

I thought I would give a visual taster of what you may make if you come on one of the workshops, which can all be booked beforehand at:  http://www.twistedthread.com

They can also be booked whilst at the show...........but their are limited spaces!

So, here's a little preview of the workshops.........

Stitch a Birdie Mobile!

Use materials to hand stitch your very own birdies, to create a mobile, or simply a cute brooch!

Machine Stitch a Fabric Heart

Use pieces of already hand dyed felt and other fabrics to machine yourself a gorgeous heart, that you can fill with lavender and wadding!

Hand Felt Ball Necklace
Learn how to make felt balls, using gorgeous fibres, with the prospect of making yourself a necklace!

So there is a taster...........come and book to see what it is all about........


  1. Enjoy the show and your workshops, love your birdie brooches :)

  2. thanks! I hope it all goes well!