26 Nov 2013



Hi there,

Just a reminder to everyone that I have an exhibition of my work, all for sale with all money going to Macmillan. It is part of the 'In Dreams' exhibition at the Customs House, South shields, in the North East of England. It runs from 30th November - 31st January 2014. I would appreciate everyone's support in promoting my work, as I am desperate to raise as much money as I can. There will be leaflets at the exhibition, stating that my work is all for sale (each piece with a separate price tag) for Macmillan. My email address will be on and phone number. All work purchased will be with collection at the end of the exhibition.

One of my pieces that you will see at the exhibition, is actually an embroidered Post Surgery Bra, from Marks and Spencer's.

All of my work is based on my own poetry and drawings and has then been converted into stitch pieces.

My mum had Breast Cancer a few years ago and a recurrence. She is fine now and I am ever thankful to have her, so this is my thank you to Macmillan who put so much care into the awful process that is having cancer.

Please help me get my work sold, by sharing this message with as many people as possible.

Thank You


I will try and post a price list on here too.

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