5 Jan 2014

New Doll Comission, finished 23rd December 2013

I was commissioned to make a doll of someone's daughter, to give them as a present.

I had a photo to work from.

Here you see her finished, with Leather jacket, Sunglasses, silk hair, leggings, Denim shorts, leather purple shoes....even underwear...the list goes on!

I try and give each doll as much personal touches as possible; so I had long conversations with the lady who asked me to do her, for her daughter.  The leather jacket was a must!

She carries her own handmade leather satchel too, and necklace with her initial on.

If you would like to have one made of you or someone else, please get in touch by emailing me:  flounderingfish@googlemail.com or phoning for more information, on:  07943803849

All I need is a photo and an outline of any details you would like me to include.

Every aspect of my work is completed from scratch, even the leather jacket you see here, was my own pattern and pieces that I designed and stitched together.

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