23 Jan 2013

How our sketches can inspire us to stitch.....

I was looking at some past sketchbooks today, and thought it would be nice to create a post on the actual designing; sketching; planning that goes into making embroidered pieces.  As all textile artists will agree with, much goes on before we see the finished piece.

From sketch to stitch...heres just one small example:

Below you see a small collection of quick watercolour sketches, with a photograph of some flowers in a local park....

These images and the memories you have of them, can then be translated into stitch!

In this case, I used some cotton I had hand dyed as a base to stitch on.  I used various stitches; such as long stitch, fly stitch, and french knots to create a "flower garden" scene.

I then used this embroidery by covering a button with it.

Thus truly from Sketch to Stitch!

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