23 Jan 2013

Fear of the Unknown - Machine Embroidered Textile Piece

I have had reason the last few days, to browse through some of my past work and came across this piece; that I really do like.  I submitted it for one of the Course Units for my City and Guilds Level 3 in textiles, that I completed at Fowlers Yard, in County Durham, UK.

The piece was based on the idea, that we all may have things we are scared or nervous of in life, and sometimes it is as if we are peeping through key holes, looking but not daring to open the door.

The piece is mounted on gold and dark green card.

I used various layers of Silk Dupion, to create depth.  I used my sewing machine to draw the shapes I wanted, such as the key hole idea.  I then used sharp scissors to show the technique of cut away applique; to give it more of a 3D feel.

You can also see the technique of transferring text onto fabric here.

In the main, this embroidery was done will a 'free machine foot' on my sewing machine.  I use this foot all, the time, as most of my work is more "drawn" or "sketched" in style, rather than straight lines!


  1. I love this piece, it has so much depth to it. The style of the 'drawing' is so different to your usual style, this has a comic book kind of realistic look to it.

  2. Thanks !

    It was done a while ago, but I found it whilst looking for some other work.