21 Nov 2012

And a French scene of a Florists....hand embroidery...in progress

Another example of work in progress.  I like this piece, as its somthing thats easy to take everywhere (and I do, with the best of intentions)! 

This piece was made by first space dying some pure cotton material, and then free hand stitching ontop (I refused to actually draw anything onto the fabric first) so any lines that look a little leaning tower of Pisa (ish) are pure part of the art...ok?!

Anyway, heres the work in progress....and the watercolour painting (which inspired me to stitch this) that I produced whist sitting on a wet step; in the pouring rain; on a wet St Louis isle in Paris (The island slap bang in the middle of Paris..famous for it's ice cream(which I was also eating at the time))

When I do get these "Work in Progress" pieces finished, I must upload them, so results are seen too.

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