21 Nov 2012

The torn umbrella girl - Free hand machine embroidery

One of my recent Free Hand Machine Embroidery pieces.

Based on a poem I wrote, which turned into a watercolour painting, which turned into a large textile piece, which also turned into a Torn Umbrella Girl doll...and then this....a machine emboidery piece, based on her face!

Think the poem may have had a tad of an effect on me....

Anyway, here she is.  I first hand paint-dyed pure cotton, and then used this as a basis on which to stitch.  I based her face on the watercolour, (as seen).

I then worked on the piece after machine emboidering it, using hand stitching and beading to finish her.

I added more glittery threads to portray glints of colour in her hair.

I decided at this time not to show her with a hat...I wanted to show off her ginger red pink orange hair.....

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