21 Nov 2012

My new doll...21.11.12

So...heres my newest addition to my girls...a bride doll.

I am not going to say much about her, as she was made with a competition in mind, thus I dont want to break any rules! 

Anyway, she is made from paper, cloth, wool, silk and a 'Laduree' round box.

Its funny, some images of her make me laugh....!

Anyway, here she is revealed:


  1. Nicely done! What impressed me is that you created a really cute doll using recyclable materials. :D You better put it in a spot away from water or this brilliant creation will be ruined. =( Anyway, are the rest of your formed dolls also made of paper and the Laduree round box?

    Chris Jeffery

  2. Hi..thank you for your lovely comment! No, this is the first of its kind...although it would be a nice theme to use boxes that are special to make each doll! Most of my dolls have cloth stuffed bodies, with hand felted heads ands and feet, which have then been hand embroidered.